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AZ-204 Development Solutions

AZ-204 development solutions for Microsoft Azure certification tests individual expertise in creating, testing, creating, and managing various cloud applications or services. The candidate must have at least 1 or 2 years of experience in the field of professional development, according to the certification’s curriculum. Aside from that, he or she must also have extensive familiarity with Microsoft Azure.

This exam truly covers all parts of building the resource in C# or your preferred programming language; however, Microsoft prefers C#. The test needs knowledge of Azure SDKs, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI, as well as the ability to program in a language supported by Azure.

Why you should take this exam?

This test is ideal for cloud architects who want to improve their understanding of Azure development solutions. It includes lessons on the in-depth characteristics of application designs using Azure app services, containers, serverless architectures, microservices-based architectures, subscriber architectures, and other technologies. You’ll also learn how to use the event grid, Azure storage queue, and service bus to create flexible and decoupled application architectures.

Yes! Taking the test is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce your knowledge and demonstrate to yourself/your company that you are knowledgeable about creating Azure solutions.

The major reason for this Azure certification’s importance is its potential to land you a high-paying job. This developing solutions certification is a wonderful endeavor to aid you in the process if you want to create a profession with prospective Azure abilities.

Overview of  AZ-204 Development Solutions for Microsoft Azure Certification

The test is divided into five parts, each with a distinct weighting. The weighted percentage indicates how important each module is for the test. The modules are proportionate to the areas for which you must prepare in order to pass this certification test. The following are the modules:

  • Develop Azure Compute Solutions- (25 to 30% )
  • Develop for Azure Storage- (10 to 15%)
  • Implement Azure security—(15 to 20% )
  • Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Optimize Azure Solutions- ( 10 to 15%.)
  • Connect to and Use Azure and Third-Party Services- (25 to 30%)

Microsoft certification tests are graded on a scale of one to one thousand. To pass the AZ-204 Exam and get your Azure Developer Associate badge, you must score 700 or better.

How you can pass the exam

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before taking this exam.

  • For more information on the services covered in the test, visit the Microsoft Office Docs website.
  • Microsoft Learn modules include a wide range of activities and hands-on information, so don’t miss out.
  • Practice the sample exam questions as often as possible to become familiar with the kind of questions you could encounter on the exam.

The test might range from fair to challenging, depending on how much prior experience you have with the AZ-204 subjects. The test is designed to check what you’ve learned through your 1-2 years of Azure programming experience, so be prepared to have some real-world experience. You should prepare for a variety of questions on the exam. Multiple choice, scenarios, laboratories, and other activities are included.